Personal Property

Personal property taxes are the most subjective tax a company pays, and due to the many inconsistencies in the valuation method, comparison is a key factor in obtaining an equitable assessment.

At Ad Valorem Services, our tax consultants employ a multi-faceted approach in order to achieve the greatest savings to our clients.  These strategies include:

  • Review prior years assessment procedure
  • Analyze each asset on asset listing for proper classification
  • Prepare all personal property statements
  • Review assessment made by taxing jurisdiction
  • Appeal any assessment that does not comply with proper assessment procedures
  • Approve all tax bills
  • Provide accrual information for taxes due
  • Provide summary report of all filings and assessments

Ad Valorem Services Company has the capability of filing a single personal property return up to 20,000 locations throughout the country.

Real Estate

Real Estate tax is generally the largest fixed operating expense of an income producing property. Often the assessed values are higher when compared to similar properties. This discrepancy in valuation can have an adverse impact on the expense ratio of the property and consequently its resale value.

Ad Valorem Services Company employs methods to reduce the burden of real estate tax, fostering an outstanding result on your company’s profitability.

And property tax savings go straight to the bottom line.

At Ad Valorem Services, we file a petition, analyze all relevant market data which includes comparables, zoning and land use, then recommend the necessary course of action.


Ad Valorem Services Company offers services that help you better manage and track your assets. We provide bar-coded inventory tags, rack-and-elevation studies and can do physical validation of all fixed assets. The end result is a comprehensive asset inventory system that can reduce your personal property tax burden significantly.